Matt Nagy should make the Atlanta Falcons cautious of Bieniemy

The Atlanta Falcons should be cautious of Eric Bieniemy as they move forward

The Atlanta Falcons are in the process of conducting interviews for their GM and head coach and current Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy has been one of the top candidates.

While it seems the fan base is sold on Bieniemy, the Atlanta Falcons should be cautious of him because of Matt Nagy. For those that don’t know, Matt Nagy used to be the Chiefs’ offensive coordinator and is current head coach for the Chicago Bears.

While Matt Nagy is still in the playoffs, he has shown many coaching flaws that will eventually run him out of town.

Nagy’s biggest coaching flaw this season has been the quarterback situation between Mitch Trubisky and Nick Foles. Both have different skill sets. Foles is the better thrower and has a better read on the defense while Trubisky is more athletic.

Foles led the Chicago Bears to a comeback win over the Falcons earlier this season. The issue with the Bears started when the offensive line began to suffer injuries. Foles started to struggle and Matt Nagy needed to turn to Trubisky because of his athleticism.

Sadly, for the Bears they lost several games before turning to Trubisky. That one coaching flaw almost cost Chicago a playoff berth.

Matt Nagy was hired by the Bears to fix their offense just like Dan Quinn was hired to fix the Atlanta Falcons defense.

Quinn was unable to and eventually got fired and the writing is on the wall for Matt Nagy.

Matt Nagy and Eric Bieniemy could become the offensive version of Gus Bradley and Dan Quinn. They have similar traits just on different sides of the ball. The Atlanta Falcons need to tread carefully around Bieniemy.

Both Quinn and Bradley were products of a great defense behind a great head coach Pete Carroll. As we have seen with the Bears, Matt Nagy was a product of Andy Reid. We have not seen Bieniemy as a head coach, so it is tough to grade or judge him, but there’s no doubt that the Falcons need to be cautious.

Bieniemy could become a fantastic head coach but the Atlanta Falcons still need to be cautious of him because of Matt Nagy.