The best top five picks in Atlanta Falcons history

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Atlanta Falcons

Feb 24, 2019; Atlanta, GA, USA; Former Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick (7) watches a game between the Atlanta Legends and Birmingham Iron in the first half at Georgia State Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

The Atlanta Falcons have had a top-five pick in the NFL draft 11 previous times in the history of the franchise.

This year, the Atlanta Falcons have the fourth overall pick and will have their choice of any of the top players outside of the quarterback position. There have been reports that the Falcons are listening to trades for the pick which wouldn’t be a bad idea. If they decide to keep the draft pick, that wouldn’t be a bad idea as well.

The Atlanta Falcons have had their fair share of misses in the first round, notable guys like Vic Beasley and Takk McKinley. When it comes to the Falcons picking in the top five of the first round, they’ve been rather successful.

The Atlanta Falcons rarely miss on their top-five draft picks.

While this might sound like a big deal, the amount of pressure that comes with being a top-five pick is high. For a team to be as successful as the Falcons have when it comes to those picks is rather impressive.

The history of Falcons’ top-five draft picks is so good, names like Steve Bartkowski, who was the greatest quarterback in franchise history before someone else came along didn’t even make this top five list. George Kunz was one of the first great players in Atlanta Falcons history. Kunz practically called the Pro Bowl his home during the ’70s as he made the team seven straight years from 1971 to 1977.

Bill Fralic during the ’80s was either a Pro Bowler or All-Pro every season after this rookie year and even made the Pro Football Hall of Fame all-decade team for the 1980s as a second-teamer.

When you have guys like these who aren’t in the top five all-time when it comes to top-five draft picks, then you know throughout the history of the team, they’ve at least done this right.

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