Atlanta Falcons: Why Denver Broncos are the best NFL Draft trading partner

The Atlanta Falcons will be on the clock in just a matter of weeks and it’s going to be interesting to see what direction the franchise decides to go when it’s all said and done.

The Falcons currently possess the No. 4 overall pick and NFL insiders have noted that several teams have come calling to see what it might take to trade with Atlanta to take that pick.

Interestingly enough, the Atlanta Falcons have reportedly said they’d be open to a trade if the right package came along and that has many speculating on what they’ll ultimately do.

If the Atlanta Falcons are going to trade the pick, the Denver Broncos would be the best trading partner

If the Falcons decide they’re going to trade their pick, they need to listen carefully to what the Denver Broncos might be willing to offer them.

In his latest mock draft, CBS Sports’ Chris Trapasso put together a scenario where the Falcons conducted two trades in the top-10 and they came away major winners as a result. It all started with the Broncos.

For the Broncos to move up from No. 9 overall to No. 4 overall, they’ll have to offer something intriguing and worthy of the Falcons’ time.

Here’s what Trapasso formulated:

Falcons Get: No. 9 (Round 1), No. 40 (Round 2), No. 192 (Round 6) and a 2022 first-rounder

Broncos Get: No. 4 (Round 1), No. 142 (Round 5)

So, now, picking at No. 9 already with two second-round picks and a future first-rounder, the Falcons elect to trade back up.

Falcons Get: No. 7 (Round 1)

Lions Get: No. 9 (Round 1), No. 68 (Round 3) and a 2022 fourth-round pick

As a result of those two trades, the Falcons selected TE Kyle Pitts with their No. 7 overall pick and netted an extra second-rounder, an extra sixth-rounder and a future first-rounder.

The short of it? You get Kyle Pitts, now have two second-round picks and have two first-round picks next season. 

That sounds like two trades worth making and that’s a move that can benefit franchise in both the short-term and the long-term.

The Broncos are going to have to give up a pretty penny to trade up that many spots, but the perfect thing about their pick is that it still allows the Falcons an opportunity to gain a top-10 player this year. And hopefully that player is Kyle Pitts.

Keep an eye on the Broncos and Falcons as potential trade partners. There’s something there that could absolutely work out in Atlanta’s favor and it would be a big deal if it came to fruition.