The Atlanta Falcons have every reason to call Richard Sherman

The draft dust for the Atlanta Falcons has settled. The Falcons took two corners and a safety to address a much pressing need in the secondary. But Atlanta is still a relatively young team when you move past the linebacking core.

There is a key free agent out there the Atlanta Falcons need to call: Richard Sherman.

According to ESPN Sherman is still unsigned and he said it’s in large part due to his age. Sherman is only 33 and only played in five games last year. That means the Falcons should be able to get him for cheap and he should be fresh.

There is no reason the Atlanta Falcons should be waiting to give Richard Sherman a call.

He may not be the lockdown corner he once professed himself to be, but he would be one heck of a presence for AJ Terrell and the Falcons draft picks. One thing is clear, Kendall Sheffield isn’t the long-term option opposite Terrell.

Sherman once to play two more years, which would greatly benefit Atlanta.

He would be the extension of a coach on the field and there’s no reason to expect Sherman to fall off the way Darrelle Revis did. If anything, his ego wouldn’t let him. The Atlanta Falcons had a solid draft and addressed some very pressing needs.

But outside of Kyle Pitts, no new player would have more of an immediate impact than Sherman.

The corner also revealed he’d been in touch with just three teams, one being the New Orleans Saints. At the very least, signing Sherman would keep him out of the hands of the Atlanta Falcons rival.

Atlanta seems to have committed to win-now mode instead of a rebuild. If that’s the true direction the Falcons want to go, bring in a champion and a proven defender like Sherman and see where this season takes you.