Falcons preseason opponents are polar opposite of regular season

At this point, assuming you have seen the full schedule, you know that the Atlanta Falcons will not have a cakewalk in 2022. They will be playing numerous playoff-caliber teams throughout the year, teams that have huge advantages over Atlanta, at least on paper.

Now, if only the Falcons could trade their three preseason opponents for three of their regular-season opponents.

Falcons have an easy preseason schedule compared to a difficult regular season

First, let’s look at some of the opponents that the Atlanta Falcons will have to play during this upcoming regular season, they include the Buccaneers twice, the Bengals, the Rams, the Cardinals, the 49ers, the Ravens, the Browns, and the Chargers.

Those are all teams that could easily make the playoffs, not to mention the team that won the Super Bowl and the AFC Conference Champions.

For a team that is at the start of a rebuild, this is less than ideal, unless you are rooting for a high draft pick.

In addition to the regular season schedule being released, the NFL also announced preseason matchups for each team. And for the Falcons, it is the complete opposite of their regular-season opponents.

They will play meaningless games against the Detroit Lions, New York Jets, and Jacksonville Jaguars. That is just hilarious.

Those three teams represent three of the top four draft picks in the recent NFL Draft. Essentially three of the four worst NFL teams from last season.

Again, too bad we can’t switch three of the Falcons’ regular-season games for their three preseason games. It would be a much more manageable schedule if we played the Rams, Bengals, and Chargers in the preseason and the Lions, Jets, and Jaguars in the regular season.

Ironically, Atlanta’s three preseason opponents represent three out of seven of the teams the Falcons were able to beat last season.