Where do the Falcons throwback helmets rank among rest of NFL?

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Atlanta Falcons

Dec 15, 1974; Atlanta, GA, USA; FILE PHOTO; Atlanta Falcons linebacker Tommy Nobis (60) and Clarence Ellis (22) tackle Green Bay Packers running back Les Goodman at Fulton County Stadium. The Falcons defeated the Packers 10-3. Mandatory Credit: Photo By Manny Rubio-USA TODAY Sports

Atlanta Falcons fans are more than excited to see the red throwback helmets

Finally, the NFL got rid of that dumb one-helmet rule — yes it was for safety, but it also just seemed like a lazy effort by the NFL — that was in place for just under a decade, and the Atlanta Falcons have the most excited fan base, for good reason.

The red throwback Falcons’ helmets that they wore for much of their existence are just simply stunning. Something about the red with the black throwback Falcon just pops and everyone cannot wait to see them in action again.

But the Falcons are not the only team that has taken advantage of the change in helmet rules. Falcons are one of four teams that have brought back familiar helmets, while nine others have designed new helmets. So 13 teams in total, at least so far. Other teams are undoubtedly going to reveal new helmets.

Most of these alternate or throwback helmets are pretty good-looking, but there are a few that just do not work for a variety of reasons.

The Falcons will surely be high up on this list, but how high? Keep reading to find out. One thing to remember is these are just based on personal opinions, so do not get too offended, unless you are a Saints fan, then you can get as offended as you want.

Here are the rankings for each of the newly revealed alternate or throwback helmets in the NFL thus far:

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