12 teams who blew it letting Kirk Cousins sign with the Falcons

Atlanta Falcons OTA Offseason Workout
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9. Pittsburgh Steelers

In the AFC you have to swing big at the quarterback position. It was clear that Mason Rudolph and Kenny Pickett weren't going to get the job done. Moving off both players isn't a bad decision unless you go out and add two players with very similar limitations.

Russell Wilson is no longer the quarterback who consistently helped Seattle make the playoffs. Wilson has consistently been one of the worst starting options in the league for two years. Bringing in Justin Fields who has been a part of one of the worst passing attacks in the league doesn't help the level of optimism in a division with Joe Burrow and Lamar Jackson.

10. Cleveland Browns

This is a team that was better with an ancient Joe Flacco than their current franchise quarterback. It isn't a stretch to believe they are a more interesting team and wildcard contender with Kirk Cousins. In truth, the team should have Tampa's current starter still under center. Pushing Mayfield out the backdoor in favor of adding Deshaun Watson has aged exactly as it should thus far. Cleveland made a questionable decision at quarterback and continues to pay the price.