Hijacking Lambeau

I am a Sirius subscriber. I love NFL radio and all I seem to hear from anyone is the Favre saga so I am going to take this time to throw in my two cents on the issue. First off, let me say I don’t like what he and his agent are doing. Brett Favre is a great QB, certainly one of the best and the last of the true “gunslinger” types. But does he have to ruin his legacy like this? Does he truly want to play bad enough as to alienate the fans who have turnned him into a modern folk hero? I guess the answer is yes. OK, Green Bay WI, you got the guy at his peak, you got your championship you got Paul Bunyan in green and gold for the last 16 years? Let him go!

Aaron Rodgers has paid his dues. He is a good guy who shuts up and let Favre be “The Man” now I say to everyone out there that is is time to let Aaron be “The Man”. Let Aaron Rodgers come in and let Favre go play somewhere else preferably KC just like Montana did so many moons ago.

I say if the league is willing to pay a kings ransom for a guy who changes his mind more times than Paris Hilton says “That’s Hot” then let them. I sure hope that Favre goes to a divisional rival, not that I like any of those teams particularly, I just want to see the people in Green Bay freak out. This is shaping up to be the story of the 2008 season so let’s get on board and get ready for the ride because this is probably going to be bumpier than initially thought.

I want to hear from you folks. Tell me what you think about Favre and this whole fiasco. Where should he go and who should be traded to get him?  I say 1st and 3rd round picks like Montana to KC.

The Bird Speaks!

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