The AFC East just became the most interesting division in football

Terrell Owens wasn’t out of the league for a week, heck even a half a week and he signed a 1 year deal with the Buffalo Bills today.

First  off, it is a great signing for Buffalo because this team may just be the most troubled franchise in the NFL with rumors of the team moving to Toronto and ownership that at times just looks like they have given up. Couple that with the fact that they may just be the most boring team east of the Mississippi and they just may need a little craziness, well the crazy is served folks.

 Terrell Owens is going to be playing in the AFC for the first time in his career and in the same division as the Jets, Dolphins and the Patriots! This guy is guaranteed to be getting his block knocked off by three really good defenses 6 times a season for a team that will rely on him heavily. What else could the guy want at this point? He has proven himself to be a nut-case ego-maniac who needs to be the center of attention where ever he is so how great to go to a team that will rely on him as much as they are going to need to.  

 Now I don’t claim to be a Bills insider or am I a big fan of the team but I know what I see when I watch them play. They aren’t very exciting to watch right now and they don’t really seem to have much in the way of an idenity, and I know no one wants their team’s identity to rest in the hands of the single most poisonous player EVER! But, I will say that they just may need this and let’s face it, T.O. always has his best season his first year. So here is to the Bills making something happen and to rolling the dice on a complete head-case.

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