Mike Smith can't help but feel confident heading into the 2010 season. (surce: YardBarker)

Mike Smith Discusses Spoon, the Burner and Ryan's Guarantee

Atlanta Falcons Head Coach Mike Smith was interviewed on the Mayhem in the AM show on 790 the Zone. Tim Gunter over at Sports Radio Interviews offered up his thoughts before breaking the interview down into easily digestible bits of Falcons goodness.

Gunter’s Thoughts:

As a lifelong Atlanta Falcons fan, these last two seasons have been a breath of fresh air after what we went through with the Michael Vick saga. The hiring of Thomas Dimitroff as the general manager and Smith as head coach were the two best things Arthur Blank could have done to steer his franchise back in the right direction.

Mike Smith on the team’s confidence:

We are very confident. This is our third year and our guys are a group of men that have been together. So we should come into the season a lot more confident than we were in year one or two.

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On Sean Weatherspoon:

We can consider him a four down player because of his ability to run and play on special teams as well. Sean, this weekend, got indoctrinated in two positions. He took both snaps at Sam and Will in our base defense and also played the backer in Dime in our sub-defense.

On Michael Turner’s Health:

There is a comfort level that you definitely have when you know that he is healthy. There was one specific play that stands out in my mind, the screen pass that we threw to him that he was able to stick his foot into the ground, the one that he injured, and he really showed that explosiveness that we are used to seeing.

On Matt Ryan’s “12 or more” wins comment:

I think what Matt was saying that he wasn’t given any guarantees, there wasn’t any statements. I think he was asked a question and he answered it as we were closer to twelve or thirteen than we were to eight wins.

If you’ve never stopped by Sports Radio Interviews, it’s a great place to get caught up on radio interviews from your favorite sports figures across the nation.

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