Falcons’ Lamar Holmes: Right Tackle Only?

Jan 21, 2012; St. Petersburg, FL, USA; East tackle Lamar Holmes (72) of Southern Mississippi before the start of the East-West Shrine Game at Tropicana Field. The West won 24-17. Mandatory Credit: Phil Sears-US PRESSWIRE

Lamar Holmes was the Atlanta Falcons 3rd round draft pick in the 2012 NFL Draft. I thought it was a bit of a reach for the Falcons, as I thought and still do think Atlanta could have taken him or a player like him in the 5th round– or later. The Falcons drafted him, and he is now a member of the team, and an individual who will have a role sometime down the road. When he was first drafted, many fans thought that maybe he would be the answer at Left Tackle replacing Sam Baker either this year or in 2013. According to one source, he may never be placed at that position.

In the NFL Network’s 32 in 32 series, they talk about the Falcons offensive line a little bit, and when they mention draft picks, they talk about the offensive line position. Once they move to Lamar Holmes, Jamie Dukes makes a comment that caught my attention. He said something to the affect of ‘The Falcons drafted a guy in the third round, and from everything I’m hearing, he’s going to be right tackle ONLY.’ That means that the Falcons drafted a player who will be a backup to Pro-Bowler Tyson Clabo, and that there is no plan at LT any further than Sam Baker and Will Svitek.

I understand the move in getting depth at all offensive line positions. Clabo is 30 right now, and I feel confident that when he is ready to hang it up, Holmes can move into the RT position fairly seamlessly. However I don’t feel quite as optimistic about the LT position. We have no backup plan; at least there is no plan that we the fans have any knowledge of. Now I may be wrong, and Sam Baker may be the long term option at LT. I don’t think that’s likely. I feel that the Falcons are in an even more precarious position at LT than many believe, and that it will be addressed in the 1st or 2nd round in the 2013 draft.

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  • http://www.bigrgroup.com/ vantuck

    Honestly it’s hard to say what we plan to do regarding LT.  The O-line is a real concern.  I hope the Falcon’s management has a solution if we plan on getting to / past the first round of post season this year…

  • Greg Huseth

     @vantuck I’m still not even sure that the Center and RG situations are ready to go for this 2012 season, and I know I don’t feel good about LT with Sam Baker. We will see how it plays out. I still hope we use our 2013 1st round pick on an offensive lineman

  • http://www.bigrgroup.com/ vantuck

     @Greg Huseth Mcclure has been great but is certainly long in the tooth.  O-line is likely to be our weakest attribute unless another free agent is acquired, (and even then may still be the case).  Ryan has some great talent but isn’t an all-star when scrambling in the pocket.  We will have to wait and see what happens… 

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  • Greg Huseth

     @vantuck You’re exactly right. If I’m not way off base, I believe that McClure won’t even start in 2012, he will serve more of a mentoring role and valuable backup plan. Its important that we realize that Ryan will never be a great scrambler, and that we protect him by building a great line for him. But you’re right, we just have to wait and see…..

  • jlowderman

    lol, he’s our guy if:
    1.  The majority of his early struggles were due to injury
    2.  He actually plays well when not injured 
    3. His healthcare report suddenly goes blank and stays that way
    So I guess 4 would be, he suddenly has an epiphany regarding LT while looking at double rainbows with Sasquatch on mountaintops.

  • Greg Huseth

     @jlowderman See, I thought that he didn’t even see any participation during OTAs. My impression was that he couldn’t struggle because he didn’t do a dang thing yet. I know he was a very good pass protector at Southern Miss, so hopefully he could be an answer at LT or RT one day. But certainly not in 2012, and I doubt very much that he will be a huge factor in 2013 either.

  • jlowderman

     @Greg Huseth  @jlowderman Sorry Bro.  First off I’m very sick and feverish and on a lot of Robitussen.  Second, I was talking about Sam Baker, sorry I didn’t make that clear, for future reference, just disregard any early AM comments that I may make, haha

  • Greg Huseth

     @jlowderman Haha well in that case you are absolutely right on all counts. I can’t say I’m counting on Baker either. He wasn’t fantastic when healthy. As long as he goes back to at least serviceable per his 2010 season, the Falcons will be successful. I think it would be wrong to expect more. No worries man, get to feeling better quickly.