Nov 29, 2012; Atlanta, GA, USA; Atlanta Falcons tight end Tony Gonzalez (88) gets tackled by New Orleans Saints strong safety Roman Harper (41) during the second half at the Georgia Dome. The Falcons defeated the Saints 23-13. Mandatory Credit: Josh D. Weiss-USA TODAY Sports

Falcons Have History of Dominating Saints

No one can wait for the September 8th season opener to the New Orleans saints.  It’ll be a spectacular opening day after a long offseason full of interesting management moves.  Not only would it finally be the first football game in months, but it will be against the saints.  (I refuse to follow proper grammatical procedures when spelling out the saints’ name because in no way do I believe that that noun is proper.)

Since 1966, the Falcons have opened up the season against the saints five separate times.  Every single time the falcons have won.  Most of the time, the Falcons have won dominantly.

The biggest game of those five games was in 1973.  The Atlanta Falcons beat the saints 62-7.  That game was the biggest margin of victory in the history of the series.

Of course I don’t want to predict the Falcons to win 60-0, although it would be nice.  I don’t think the falcons will lose regardless of where the game takes place.  The answer is to a saints team trending the opposite direction the Falcons are.  Every year Matt Ryan is getting better.  Drew Brees is NOT by any means getting worse, but he certainly isn’t getting better.  He already hit his peek and whether or not he is declining from his peek, we have already seen the best of Drew Brees.  Their offense is always explosive. Their defense, on the other hand, is troubling.  They were historically bad last season allowing tons of yards and points.  I have no doubt that the addition to Rob Ryan and the switch to a 3-4 defense will help them in the long run, this season is not the season.

They could not have picked a worse time to make a scheme change.  When a team moves from the 4-3 to the 3-4, they either have bigger, slower defensive ends play outside linebacker, or faster, weaker linebackers take on the position.  Their pass rush will barely be visible. They lacked corners and went after a safety in the draft.  I actually think that the saints defense may be worse than last year.  If it’s better, it won’t be by much.  As good as the saints offense may be, their defense won’t be able to slow down the falcons new and improved passing and rushing attack.


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  • MikeScott

    1973??…. those wins (and stats) were a long time ago. Its 2013, these are 2 completely different teams. The falcons beat the saints 3 times out of the last 6+ seasons. The saints defense was bad last year ONLY because they were playing the EXACT opposite of what they normally do. They like aggressive man coverage, but played conservative zone

  • Anne Sulistija

    Omg this has to be a falcant fan because who else writes this crap. Saints are better than the other NFC south teams we will be winners this year. Move over 2012 Sourh winners 2013 south winners will be the Saints. Who Dat!

  • Kyle Mosley

    You need to check your history since 2006. Durty Burds are always falling to Saints.

    • nat turner

      Since 2006, that’s only 7 years of football, how long have those franchises been around, you fail

  • Jeremie Landry

    Drew Bree’s is 10000000 times better than Matt Cryin Ryan will ever dream of being! This guy is a clown!! Saints will win by 3 scores come week 1!!!WHO DAT!!!!!

  • Jeremie Landry

    WHO DAT!!!

    • BizzyBtheP

      Mannnnn this is the funniest post I’ve seen all year so far. WHO DAT!!!

  • Jeremie Landry

    Also with as bad as our D was last year we still beat the falclowns 1 out of the 2 and would have won both if it wasn’t for a BS offensive call on graham on a sproles touchdown when graham was way on the other side of the field and all he was doing was blocking for the screen!!!!

  • Leslie Korshak

    Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha,….just you wait….

  • SaintsWillWin

    1973? Really? If you have to crow about a game that was 40 years ago to make your team look good, then you have failed miserably.
    The facAints will always be the Saints bitch!!!

  • Emanuel Maudlin

    Man I don’t know we’re your head is at, but you got it in the wrong place. Yes the falcons are a very good team, but you are comparing apple to oranges. Even thou the Saints had a bad season they still found a way to beat the falcons last season. Under the Sean Peton Drew Brees era, the Saints have been the most domanant team in that span. So when you compare these teams no one thing, these are not our Daddy’s teams.

  • SaintsWillWin

    The game is September 8th; not August 8th!

  • realheavyd

    August 8th? Really? What game are you gonna be watching on that date that will have anything to do with either the Falcoons or the Saints?

    The game is on September 8th, you dumb asp…

    You refuse to adhere to any grammatical laws at all, I see (very class-less my friend).

    So, if the the Falcoons played the Saints in the season opener 5 times in the past 47 years and won all those times, how exactly does that make them “Dominant” over the Saints? Check your stats for the Payton/Brees era and get back with us on this “Domianace” thang.

    A game from 40 years ago is your team’s claim to fame for their “dominance” over my team? Seriously?

    You make my head hurt dude…

    Ok, so you’re painfully biased to support your team with any made up stat or two that you can conger up, you actually try to compare as equals in their field Drew Brees and Matty “Shiit-stain” Ryan (what a total joke – Ryan himself is on recording saying that he’s love to be traded to the Saints to back-up behind Brees and get away from all the immaturity in the Falcoons locker room) and try talking defenses that you know absolutely nothing about, right??? I get that.

    You’re a complete/total idjit. We ALL get it!!!

    • Keith Ward

      Yor the idiot,show me proof of this recording.I think your mistaking it for the one of greg Williams telling y’all to cheat

      • SaintsWillWin

        It was a guy that looks a lot like Matt Ryan doing an interview.

        • Robert Stephens

          You obviously don’t watch a lot of football, that was definitely not matt ryan.

          • SaintsWillWin

            I understand you are a bird droppings fan and your comprehension skills are greatly diminished, but I put in my comment, “It was a guy that looks a lot like Matt Ryan doing an interview.”
            The key phrase in that sentence is ‘LOOKS A LOT LIKE MATT RYAN”
            I bet if I posted the same thing on the Viqueens board, those dog-food eating morons would get it!

          • Robert Stephens

            I was only intending on mentioning that he looks not even close to Matt Ryan. I understand that your comprehension skills are non existent since your fandom probably only started in 2009, but I understand the desire to make excuses for why your team lost and not accept the fact that the saints are, in fact, morphing into a crappy team. They’re old and it’s a downhill slope from there. Get prepared for a lot of these because the Falcons, as they have been in the past, will once again dominate the siants consistently.

          • SaintsWillWin

            I have flushed turds that are smarter than you.

            You should do a little research before you claim that the Saints are old.

            As of 2012, the Saints were ranked 18th in average age; the bird droppings were 31st.


    • Robert Stephens

      I believe I am literally dumber having read that. And I love the fact that YOU are trying to call me out on grammar. I understand that your inferior education (your reference to a “record” of a Matt Ryan quote proves that) may actually be a great determining factor in the reason you love a team. I was only bringing up the point that in almost all of the season opening games against the saints, the Falcons have won by a large margin. That’s indisputable, but that won’t stop an over dramatic fan looking for attention with poorly spelled slants.

      But this “idjit” gives you props for sticking up for your team for as far back as 2009. I also feel sorry for your future as you have a long one making excuses for your team as they try to stay relevant, but it won’t be for long, don’t worry.

      Have a wonderful day :)

  • Keith Ward

    Omg I can’t wait.the falcons offense is going to have the saints defense and rob Ryan asking “wtf just happened? “

    • Keith Ward

      The falcons will have a top 5 offense this what im telling you

  • tallman

    That’s why saints are 9-3 in Payton era against falcons. Stupid

  • Robert Stephens

    Uh oh, someone leaked my post to the state of Louisianan. It’s okay guys, I’ll help you out. The saints were good for a little bit, but those days are over. Wake up and get used to seeing falcon tail because the aints will be trailing all season.

    • Jeremie Landry

      U r a clown!! And obviously dreaming!!! We will dominate y’all sorry asses!!! And I can’t what to see your post crying like a Lil bitch after week 1!!!

  • Rod

    This idiot can spew all the nonsense nobody cares about…fact is we have dominated since 2006 (and prior to that y’all weren’t exactly king of the hill over us)…then the big component…WE HAVE A championship!!!! the difference between a dirty bathtub and a dirty bird…the bathtub has a ring…you can’t even adequately explain why converting to a 3-4 from a 4-3 (when you actually have 3-4 personnel) isn’t a good idea…just flap flap flap a bunch of nonsense…not to mention you lost your premier pass rusher for a guy that may (or may not) be on the decline in his career…I’m curious to see how Umenyiora performs without other elite defensive line talent to compensate for his shortcomings…(and no Kroy Biermann is NOT elite d-line talent)…yall without Abraham is like the Blue Notes witout Harold Melvin…and then to even TRY to compare Matt Ryan to Drew Brees…that made me laugh…is Matty Ice a great qb? Absolutely! Is he even close to Bree’s production despite three Pro Bowl recievers (2 +1 HOF TE)…nope…are any of those receivers statistically ahead of Colston…nope…on par…maybe…but I still say Julio is waaay better than Roddy “overated” White…an elite O-line…oh yeah…yall don’t have one…say what you want, but if not for one off day (which are rare for Brees and acceptable for any elite qb)…yall would be o-2 vs. us last year instead of 1-1…(1-1 vs. the worst defense remember…that’s not dominance…that’s surviving…)