Falcons Vs. Tampa Bay Week 2

Editorial Staff

I am just going to come out and say it. Falcons win this week. I know that I am putting myself out there but I believe it. They win because they are prepared. They are prepared and they are hungry, they are hungry because they won last week and because they are PREPARED!

I say when Atlanta takes the field on Sunday afternoon you will see a team that plays out of their skulls. A team that plays with purpose and a team that plays to win. Just like they played last week.

 Did anyone happen to watch that secondary take on those gazelles in Calvin Johnson and Roy Williams? Did you see the team making plays to avoid the best weapons the Lions had get thwarted at almost every turn? Remember folks the Lions don’t have much in the way of superstars here, they have one of the best receiving corps in the league if not the best. Calvin Johnson is like what 6’5″ and as faster than most anybody at his position or do you take Roy Williamsanother giraffe of a man who is build like a sherman tank with afterburners.

 Atlanta is an underdog. We know that and they know that. They are expected to be the worst in the league record wise. So why aren’t they going to lose this Sunday? Because they want it mosre than the Bucs do, that is why!

 The BucsD last week against an admittedly very good offense in New Orleans looked terrible. They gave up 300+ yards of offense…. in just the air! The defense looked old and tired and let’s not forget that the one thing the Falcons have on their side is youth, and lots of it.

 Turner runs at and through you and the just as he comes off the field you have Norwood come on to run around over, at and through you. Then, just as you have that contained you have a QB in Ryan who, if given time will pick you apart. 

 Griese starts this weekend and Graham is coming off a solid game with a 9.1 yard average. But Warrick Dunn is starting and receiving corps is not sending chills down anyone’s spines.

                                                                     Falcons 24, Bucs 17

                                                                       The Bird speaks!