Atlanta Falcons on the right track


Well here we are folks week 4 is behind us and the Atlanta Falcons are looking at a decent 2-2 record. The Birds have won both games at home (important) and lost both games on the road (god awful). I think it is a bit funny looking at the NFL website right now at other teams records and I have to admit it makes me smile looking at Cleveland and Arizona and the Eagles.

 Cleveland was supposed to be this great offensive juggernaut with Kellen Winslow and Braylon Edwards. The Browns have looked more like the stuff you scrape off of your shoe and not much like the football team they were supposed to be.

 The Cardinals hold a special place to me since I live in Phoenix. They are just so bad on so many levels and it makes a Falcons fan proud to know that at least we aren’t the Cardinals. Kurt Warner is my personal favorite story on this team, he is in his late 30’s and has taken the starting QB job from the 10th overall pick the golden child of college football, Matt Leinart. Warner is awesome but the team around him is so shaky and so cursed that nothing seems to work out for them. They sit at 2-2 as well but in a weak division like the NFC West they have the chance to make the playoffs. I hope for the sake of the their fans, and I know a lot of them here that they do make good on their potential but I will believe it when I see it.

   The Eagles, what can you say about their division that hasn’t been said before. The NFC East is just stacked. So much so that I feel that the NFC West should have to give up their playoff spot if they can’t match the record of a team in the East. Something that I feel will probably happen. Philly has talent all over the field except at wide receiver and the best part is that it doesn’t matter. I will go on record now and say that Donavan McNabb is one of the best, most gutsy win at all costs mofo I have ever seen play. 

The Falcons may not win the NFC South this year. But I will say this, we are on a good track and I am pleased with our progress. And for a team rebuilding I say we are ahead of schedule.

                                                           The Bird Speaks!