Falcons fly into the black hole


Oakland, Ca.- What can be said about this Raiders team that hasn’t been said before? They have a 2-5 record entering Sunday and are facing an Atlanta Falcons team that boasts a 4-3 mark and the reigning NFC rookie of the month of October Matt Ryan. Ryan leads a Falcons team that has one of the NFL’s top runners in Michael Turner and wide receivers in Roddy White. Both men are excellent playmakers as well as fantasy football must starts who give this Falcons team a chance to win every week they are on the field.

Oakland has the most talked about rookie in the 2008 draft in Darren McFadden and the Dante Culpepper clone JaMarcus Russell. Both players have seen much difficulty while wearing the silver & black and that pain doesn’t appear to be going away soon. The offensive line, which at one point in the recent past was considered a strength is now a glaring weakness that has trouble in both protecting the QB and creating running lanes for it’s talented backfield. The Raiders face issues all over the field and have the distinction of having whom I consider the single worst owner in the league Al Davis. Davis is what every NFL fan hates about owners all rolled into one. Strong willed and relentless are some words used to describe Davis but meddling and out of touch with the modern game.

Is Davis, one of the most important figures in modern football at a point in his life when he should be sitting back and grooming a successor? or, is he a firebrand go getter who will turn a team that has become one of the laughing stock franchises since going to the superbowl only 5 years ago back into a top tier franchise. Davis is known for putting a premium on speed. Well recently speed has killed this franchise and instead of drafting for need and putting players where they have holes, Davis has drafted what appears to be home-run hitters who never seem to pan out.  I feel for this franchise, not many teams in any sport have such a long storied sucessful history but this is not the year for the Raiders nor is this the game.

                                                             Atlanta 27-10

                                                            The Bird Speaks!