Are you a believer yet?


Atlanta Falcons are 6-3 after beating the Saints 34-20. Matt Ryan is making it look easy to come out of college and play the most difficult position in professional sports.

Matt Ryan is a rookie and is making the Falcons legitimate contenders in a very tough division. He is developing a real connection with both starting wide receivers in Roddy White and Michael Jenkins. White is a stud, he proved that last season by gaining over 1000 yards. But, it is what Ryan has done with Michael Jenkins that I think is so incredible. He has made Jenkins a real threat, something that Jenkins has had trouble with in his previous seasons. Now don’t get me wrong Michael is a heck of a receiver if you ask me and he has shown flashes of brilliance but it is this season that he has stepped to the next level and giving the Falcons a legitimate treat on both side of the field.

 Michael Turner had another great game. A TD and 96 yards against a Saints D that was gunning for the guy all game long. Turner proved yet again why he is the best free agent pick up this season. The running game is so incredible and so crucial to the success of this team and Turner is the engine that allows the team is thrive.

 If you love football than you have to love this story. This is the team that just last season won 4 games all season. Now we stand at 6-3 and are tied with the idle Buccanneers for 2nd in the NFC south.

 The Falcons face a Broncos team that can score in bunches but is heavily depleted by injuries and we play at the dome. So I like our chances. At this point I am just too excited and happy with this win to discuss next week but until then Falcons fans let’s enjoy this run our team is on and have a great week.                                                         

                                                                      The Bird Speaks!