NFC South preview Week 12


Does anyone else care about this match up more than I do? I really doubt it. I am standing at the cafe in my office building with one of my friends from work who is as big a Dolphins fan as I am a Falcons fan (poor guy), He looks over andsays “Who are the Falcons playing this weekend?” I looked at him and as “the Panthers” escaped my lips I felt an overwhelming sense of excitement wash over me.

The ramifications of this Sundays game will be felt all over the NFC South. First, a Falcons win will keep us in the hunt for the division crown, plus give us a much needed division win and a potential tiebreaker for the playoffs.

The Panthers will be in a position to put the Falcons on their backs with both regular season wins and would represent what I believe will be the clincher for the NFC South title and what could be the 2nd seed in the NFC playoffs.

Now for a quick rundown on the other NFC south match ups:

Green Bay at New Orleans: I see a lot of points erupting from the Superdome on Mondays night. That is why in my fantasy league I am starting Aaron Rodgers. New Orleans appears to be getting Reggie Bush back from injury and I have to tell you that I am happy for them. I don’t give much respect to Mr. Bush usually but I am going to say this, he has proven himself to be a player that opposing defenses have to account for and that means a lot in the NFL. I think that Drew Brees will continue on what has been an incredible pace for an incredible individual season for a very underwhelming football team. Tell me if I am wrong here but is this team just about the lamest bunch of knuckleheads or what? They can score on anybody….. good for you. What good does that do you when any team can score against you too?!  Packers should and I feel win this game but not before one of these QBs has at least 3 or maybe 4 passing TDs.  38-34

Tampa Bay vs. Detroit: Wow what an exciting match-up. OK who am I kidding? who the hell cares?! Tampa Bay holds the special distinction of being just about the most boring team in the league to me. They have an over the hill QB and the receiving corps that is older than the pyramids and not quite as fast.  I am going to go out on a limb this week and pick the Lions, yes those awful Lions to beat Tampa Bay in Motown.  24-20

So here we are. Week 12 and the Birds are playing a game that means something. The Panthers are a hell of a franchise and have had a great season but I want the Falcons to win this one more than anything. So come on Falcons fans let’s win this one and win this division.