NFC divisional breakdown week 13


I think that this has been a great NFL season so far. The Falcons coming back from a 4-12 season last year to legitimate playoff contender being my favorite story (of course). But I want to break down the NFC today because I have a lot on my mind and I want to get it out there.

 NFC North: You can find great stories all of the conference all over the place but this has to be the most boring division because it appears that not one of the teams in the division is really that interested in winning the division.

 Chicago Bears: The Bears are a proud franchise and rightfully so. They have been to a Superbowl just a couple of years ago and they have produced some amazing players including their poster-boy Brian Urlacher. But this 2008 team is just so freaking awful, how bad is this team when they are clamoring for the return of Kyle Orton? This defense while being a strength just a few years ago is now just so uncomplicated it amazes me that they aren’t blown out every week. This team has a receiver who I have always liked Brandon Lloyd he had a huge game earlier this season but just like this team he is just too inconsistent to really be excited about watching or in fantasy play, just like the team he plays for.

 Minnesota Vikings: Gus Ferotte is over the hill. Adrian Peterson is the second coming of Eric Dickerson. The defense is stout and certainly very good but, oh good lord they too just lack any real excitement as well. This Vikings team does nothing but play up to the level of their opponent just enough not to embarrass themselves but not enough to win consistently. This team upsets me because I see a great talent in Adrian Peterson that could easily be wasted. I picked the Vikings as possible Superbowl contenders at the beginning of the season seeing a very good defense and a very good running back tandem but at 6-5 and a Packers team that I feel is better I can’t see them making any noise this year.

 Green Bay Packers: What can you say about Aaron Rodgers? He is really a very good QB and I feel he will be for years to come. He makes good decisions and has good targets in Donald Driver and Greg Jennings. I predict this squad to win the division and depending on who they play could possibly go far in the playoffs but I can also see a quick exit if they play a hungry wildcard team.

 Detroit Lions:  How sad is this team? How awful can a pro squad play year in and year out. If you look at the law of averages this team has to win sometime right? WRONG! they are run poorly and draft guys who just never seem to pan out. Calvin Johnson has tons of talent but if he becomes the face of his franchise I can see a lot of losing seasons in the motor city for a long long time to come. If I could pick a team to be dissolved and it’s players dealt out to other franchises this would be the front runner. I hope they do go -016 just to prove that there are plenty of college teams and maybe a few JV squads that can play better than the Lions do every week.