Falcons vs. Chargers: Bad vs. Worse


The Falcons stunk it up, pure and simple. We had 3 turnovers and only managed 22 points. It is a good thing we played the Chargers who found every way possible to lose this game and bring the birds to an amazing 8-5 record!

 The Chargers have just an awful club this year. Rivers is a good QB but he must have a fear of birds because he looked nothing like his usual self this season. Ladainian just appears to be a shell of his old self or he has the worst supporting cast in the last 5+ years. LT just didn’t seem to have any moves today at all and I just cannot imagine a decline as steep for someone so supremely talented so quick. After watching the game today my jury is in and it says that this just may be one of the worst run blocking lines in football.

 Michael Turner: 31 carries 120 yards. WOW! How great is that free agent signing now? He is amazing, he is dynamic and he works hard and just does not stop. What more can you ask from your player? He is this team’ MVP and he is the best free agent signing in the last several years.

Matt Ryan: Let’s just crown him the Offensive rookie of the year now and just get it over with. The kid is just incredible and plays so well and so steadily that it is just astonishing. Another steady performance by a guy who amazes every NFL fan no matter what team they call their own. That, my friends is the mark of a great QB.  

 Harry Douglas: Talk about a player doing it all…. The guy is a goat at the beginning of the game with a punt return fumble that is recovered by San Diego and let to points. Then he comes back with a really great punt return to give us excellent field position just a couple of series later. Then he gets his first receiving TD to ice the game. If he continues to put away games like this I am going to give Douglas the name of ICEMAN!

                                       Next week we have the Saintsin the Superdome!

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