The NFL the best league in the world?


Hockey, Basketball, Baseball. 82,82,164 games. Games that are played every night of the week. Games that start at 7:30 local time? Hockey/Basketball: What if you are a Kings fan in Philly? or a Clippers fan in Orlando? How does not getting to bed till 1am on a Tuesday sound?

 Baseball is 164 games folks. 164! They took the basketball and hockey schedules and combined them together to make for twice the horror. Now it isn’t just night games and Sunday matinees, now you have games going on on weekday afternoons. Why? Who is going to watch a Tigers/Royals game on a Wednesday at 1PM in early April and who can actually get to the ballpark or watch at TV? And parity is another story all-together glaring issue that I feel I really much mention it as well. What kind of league allows free spending teams buy up all of the talent to essentially build all-star teams? What kind of league would allow for such blatant disregard of fan loyalty and competitive parity? Why not instead of a draft they just march all of the guys out to Yankee Stadium and the GM’s can just bid on them like cattle?

The NHL is great, too bad you have to try to find a game. Too bad the league had an almost 2 year lockout and of course there is the season that is so long and so arduous and so taxing that it is just painful to watch sometimes. Tell me why the Stars have to play the Ducks so many times a year? Wouldn’t a home game at each building kind of settle the issue? People say they miss the fighting and it never bothered me but I am not a violent guy by nature and I prefer the faster more offensive game we see now. I say that the NHL cut the fat on the schedule, there are 30 teams at 2 games per team one home game per squad that is 60 games!

The NBA is run by a guy who I wouldn’t trust to watch my kids if I had any for even 5 minutes for fear that they might be sent to work in China. David Stern is so creepy and so corrupt that even the Senate would hate him. The NBA holds many of the same issues that the NHL does with way too many games and an itch to globalize itself so much that is rubs me the wrong way.

 NFL Football is Sunday and then there is one game on Monday night and now occasionally on a Thursday. You can watch 6-7 games all at once if you want to and then a few more in the late afternoon and then a night game but for most of the season it is Sunday and Monday night. What I am saying here is that football is just more accessible. I love those other leagues and I love those sports but when I think of a schedule that I can plan around and feel that I can really follow the NFL makes the most sense. I have to admit it is much easier to live out west and watch football and be in bed at a reasonable time so that I can be up before the sun and afford that NFL Sunday Ticket package.

The NFL is not perfect, not by any stretch, what with the retired players pensions a running joke and disgrace. The inability of the players to stay of out trouble (check for the “days without an NFL arrest counter”) and the fact that players are trotted out faster from injury to avoid falling from the good grace of their coaches and to make sure they are not cut is just wrong. But I will say now and forever that this is the best and most fan friendly league.

                                                                      The Bird Speaks!