Bucs are free, free fallin’


I saw something when the Bucs lost to the Falcons in the dome a couple of weeks ago, Warrick Dunn was walking off the field along with his teammates and the thing I noticed was that everyone looked down. Not the usual down because they lost to the Falcons a divisional rival, but they looked defeated. Down. Lost.

 Well, the losing ways continued today and I have to say I told you so. I knew this team was in rough shape and I know the importance of  Earnest Graham and his being lost to injury cannot be overstated but damn!

 This is a freefall for the ages, this Bucs team is well coached….. right? How could any coach allow their teams to just fall away so strongly and not lose their job? Jon Gruden is a strong guy and a good coach whom I have always respected but when your team just falls apart and loses the last 4 games of the year two years running then there is something really really wrong here.

Do we have a failure to communicate? or do we have a team that just needs a power running game to have a chance to be effective and to win games? And why can’t they find another way to win?

 I think at this point the answer to that last question is pretty obvious, the offense is so one-deminsional  that it is amazing to me but……. The Bucs have a legitimate receiving threat now in Antonio Bryant and they have a good offensive line that can protect the QB and open running lanes and a pretty rock steady QB who makes good sharp decisions in most cases. Then there is that defense, they tackle well they are great against the pass and the run but they struggle to pressure the QB and that is really their only glaring issue that I see.

The way I see it I put this fall on coaching, pure and simple. If you can’t motivate a team to win games in the NFL when you enter the final month of the season with the potential to get a playoff spot or even the divisional title! Then I am sorry but it is just time to move the hell on and find another team willing to buy whatever the hell it is that you are selling because I think it is painfully obvious that this just isn’t working in TB.

                                                                                   The Bird Speaks!