2009 NFL draft winners at first glance


The 2009 draft is over and there were some great picks and some real stinkers but in a draft class that so far doesn’t seem so exceptional I feel a few teams really made the grade.

 Seattle Seahawks: If there is a team that really didn’t deserve to suck so badly last year it was Seattle. The receiving corp fell apart and the defense just failed them. Their acquisition of linebacker Aaron Curry was something that no mock draft predicted and it was something that will give the fans in the emerald city something to be happy about. However it is the later picks that really made me take notice, Max Unger is an Offensive Tackle/Center that I saw on the NFL Network online videos and he has really good footwork and is strong as a moose. I like the pick to secure a running game that really floundered last year.

 Kansas City Chiefs : The Chiefs were the first team to draft against what the experts were predicting but I do feel they made the right choice. They drafted defensive players in their first three selections and made a stunning choice in taking Tyson Jacksonat number 3.  With Glenn Dorsey last years no.4 and with Jackson the 3-4 defense that the Chiefs run will have two very solid lynch pins for years to come, and with this teams seeming commitment to defense I predict this team could find it’s way out of the NFL’s cellar soon.

 Chicago Bears : The Bears did what I hoped they would do and restocked a defense that just didn’t seem to be there last year. They drafted 2 defensive ends in their first 3 picks and I feel it could pay off quickly for them. This team seems to have an aura of mystique this year and it is not going unnoticed from me. First they get Jay Cutler and then Orlando Pace and have a good solid draft, couple that with a really seemingly easy schedule and you have the makings of more than a few people jumping on the Bears band-wagon again. Watch out NFC North this team just might surprise a few people.

 Green Bay Packers : The Pack  went defense early and often and made me really take notice of the suddenly not so lame NFC North. The team I predicted to win the division last year just fell apart after the Falcons beat them at Lambeau Field in a really exciting game that went down to the wire. Aaron Rodgers is the real deal and now that they got guys like B.J. Raji and Clay Matthews this team will make things really tough for anyone they play next year.

 Jacksonville Jaguars: The old saying keep it simple stupid really rings true for me here because football is a game about the line of scrimmage. At the end of the day the team that can hold the line either on offense or on defense usually wins. Well the Jaguars saw this as well and took too offensive linemen in Eugene Monroe and Eben Britton and a defensive tackle in Terrence Knighton for their first 3 picks. Yeah they aren’t sexy and they aren’t going to sell any season tickets but in the AFC South you have to do whatever you can to keep your head above water.

There are more stories to this draft and I intend to do a draft losers break down tomorrow.

(Watch out Lions/Cowboys fans)