The season can’t come fast enough


We have all felt it. The NHL and NBA season just ended. Both my teams made it to the championship and went .500 Lakers won and my Wings lost so I did pretty darned well and mid-season baseball is just kinda boring for me personally. So, here we are late June NFL training camps open up in about 4 weeks and I just cannot wait!

The Falcons, my pride and joy, my love, my passion, some would say obsession look to continue their success from 2008 with some new faces (T. Gonzalez, Mike Peterson) and without some top guys as well (Keith Brooking, Michael Boley.)

The Birds will look to have another winning season after going 11-5 last year with head coach Mike Smith and with QB and team savior Matt Ryan and the 2nd most yards rushing in the NFL last year gaining Michael Turner.  Will this season be another great year for the guys in Atlanta or will a tough schedule and higher expectations see the birds lose a step?

Now, anyone who know me knows I am not a very optimistic guy, I am practical and I see things pretty clearly usually but if you would have told me the Falcons who some picked to win maybe 4 games last year would win 11 I would have said…..Damned right! Because I know how good this team was last year and I knew that we had the potential for great things in 2008 and we accomplished our goals and we could have gone to the Superbow last year if not for a couple of botched plays. (Don’t laugh it is true!)

So, will I say the Falcons will win the Superbowl? Hey, it could happen people. Who would have picked the Cardinals to be there last year? (I wouldn’t have) I say the team that gets some lucky breaks and is the best coached and healthiest is the one who wins. Now health is just a luck thing, who would have guessed that the black plague would have taken all of the wide receivers in Seattle in the matter of what 2-3 weeks? But it is coaching that will never go out of style my friends and coaching that will win you more games than you lose.

This is the point, Mike Smith and Mike Mularkey know how to exploit a teams weaknesses. Look at the first pass thrown in Matt Ryan’s career (TD to Michael Jenkins vs. Detroit) and you will see that all Ryan had to do was see the coverage and make that throw and that play was MONEY! (I sound like Trent in Swingers)  Look at the game versus Chicago, Matt Ryan needs only to make a play down field and then Michael Jenkins (again!) get out of bounds and the Birds kick a field goal to win the game after giving up the late game lead.