McNair: Thoughts from a realistic fans perspective


I am a football fan a pretty big one to be honest, and at this point I am tired of hearing about this case. I listen to Sirius NFL radio everyday  and all this week all they seem to talk about is how McNair was a great player and a great man and then they throw in the classic “He was human and people make mistakes” excuse. Well to that I say “Wait one second, there are other options here.”

 Now I am not perfect and I won’t play that I am, but to just give Steve McNair a pass for messing around on his wife and his kids and put himself in a bad position where he could be shot and killed by an irate girlfriend is just inexcusable. 

So here is my thoughts on the subject: First off I am not going to play the puritanical card and say that cheating on your spouse is wrong, in fact in many cases I think it is warranted in some relationships and pretty much accepted. If you are unhappy you owe your partner the respect to say so and to do something about it. But, we all know that sometimes that just isn’t the way it works and people look for something outside of the marriage and to that I say OK.

 There are websites like and for people looking for intimate relationships and there is always the classic prostitute option ( it is the oldest profession for a reason folks!)

What I think Steve McNair really should have done is do something that wouldn’t jeopardize him or his family.

 A waitress working at Dave & Busters making probably $24,000 a year driving a Kia, starts dating an ex-football player and gets an Escalade and I am sure more than just that. Do you think that she isn’t going to lash out at you when you get tired of her and say the relationship and the subsequent ride is over?

The other option is say the “woman of the evening” scenario:  Steve McNair wants some action and calls an escort service and gets a girl to do whatever it is that he needs done, he pays her and she leaves.  Quick, clean and honest. No one is hurt and no one is DEAD!

 So here is the kicker of the situation for me, what he did was legal. Not very cool or smart but legal. He basically had a prostitute that he could see whenever he wanted to in Sahel Kazemi or he could have called a call girl and risked being arrested for getting the same services performed. And the difference in the situations is the outcome, McNair would still be alive today.