AFC East & West regular season preview


As the NFL season draws closer the thoughts of how your team and how other teams will do will naturally start to pass through your mind. Well, this is what is going on in mine.

AFC East

 1. New England Patriots (11-5) :The Pats went 11-5 last year with a back-up QB, they don’t have any one single running back who stands out on the depth chart and a core of defensive players that are getting up there in age. So why do I see them winning? This is a Bill Belichick led team with Tom Brady coming back, that’s why. Wes Welker and Randy Moss and a 4 headed monster of running backs makes for another strong offense that will hot have any trouble putting points on the board.

 2. Miami Dolphins (10-6) Chad Pennington was thrown out so that Favre could come in and miss the playoffs while Pennington won comeback player of the year honors. Ricky Williams says this is his last season and Ronnie Brown is a very underrated back but without a strong go-to receiver but Pennington just wins and I think they will.

 3. New York Jets (7-9) Rex Ryan is the right coach to turn this team into a contender for a championship but just not this year. So far I can’t say I am all that impressed with Mark Sanchez but this is pre-season after all. I have to give a shout to Kellen Clemmons who just might be the most unlucky QB in the NFL. He gets passed over more than anybody in the league. The defense will see the biggest improvement this year and will force a lot of fumbles and have a good share of interceptions and I think they could be a sleeper in fantasy this year.

 4. Buffalo Bills (5-11) When it comes down to it someone needs to be the goat here and with Marshawn Lynch out for a few games at the beginning of the season and an offensive line that is just piss poor I can’t see this team really doing that much. T.O. will get his catches but will it be to the detriment of the other members of that offense? Will Dick Jauron finally get fired for failing to get his team to the playoffs? I answer YES to both questions.

AFC West

 1. San Diego Chargers (11-5) Phillip Rivers is the best QB in the division and is one of the best in the league. Did he deserve the 90+ millions dollar extension? Yes. Will he make this team a powerhouse on offense? Yes. Will they win a championship? No, and here is why: Norv Turner just doesn’t win when it counts and until this team can make these guys play with some fire in January they will continue to falter.

 2. Kansas City Chiefs (5-11) I don’t see this team being as bad as others do, theyappear have a very solid young QB in Matt Cassel and I really like Dwayne Bowe but this team is still a couple of years away from challenging for a playoff spot or a .500 record.

 3. Oakland Raiders (4-12) Until this team figures out that an offensive line and a QB who can make a play when it counts this team just can’t go anywhere. A defense that will keep this team in more games then it should will probably get this team at least 2 or 3 wins on it’s own.

 4. Denver Broncos (2-14) This team has no defense, none and if they are going to win any games this year, it is going to have to be in a shootout. Starting QB Kyle Orton will have to be flawless for this team to have a prayer and that could be asking a lot. I think that this team could be the worst in the league and will have to suffer a lot of growing pains to get out of the whole this big.

The thing that jumps out at me first off in these two divisions is a system of haves and have-nots. Pats, Jets, Phins will all be better than just about everyone in the west but have tougher opposition week in and week out. If you like good football it looks like the east will give you more compelling games every week and better talent. While the Chargers will face 3 division rivals that it could very well run the table on and win the division by week 10 or 11.