Panthers at Falcons gameday week 2


Fact : The Falcons handled the Dolphins last week forcing 4 turnovers and coming within 3:22 of a shutout.

Fact : The Panthers’ Jake Delhomme has turned the ball over in literally 50% of his last offensive possessions (11 of 22).

I like to look at the facts of a situation if at all possible, I want the who, what, where, and why when it comes to the NFL because you can use those facts to your advantage. and this is what I see.

 Jake Delhomme is playing for his career in Panthers blue at this point. John Fox, his head coach is in a tougher position than any other coach in the NFL at this very early point of the season. That is the who.

The what is simple, Delhomme is is need of confidence and needs to have the ability to trust not just his team mates but it is his team that needs to trust him as Delhomme himself has been the source of such despair in the recent past in Carolina.

 Where:  Atlanta today. And this is the key, Atlanta is now 9-1 in the last 10 games in the Georgia Dome. Last week the Falcons played a vaunted Dolphins offense and stopped them dead in their seafoam green tracks.

 When: 1:00 pm EST

 Why: Because the Falcons have a great organization and we are built to win today!

 How: This is a keys to Falcons success as I see them: 1. Pressure Delhomme, make him make mistakes and shrink the pocket. 2. Avoid the big play early, The way I see it the Panthers will try a big pass early to Steve Smith early on to try to deflate the home crowd and to try to boost Jake’s confidence. If the Secondary can avoid a big punch up front we can take the game out of reach early.

 Why: I think we all know the answer to this one. So that we can win the NFC South and eventually the SUPERBOWL!