Falcons flying to Foxboro


Two weeks, two wins and the Dolphins and the Panthers both 2008 playoff teams are in the rear view.


 The Falcons aren’t sitting pretty quite yet my faithful followers, there is treachery afoot. The New Orleans Saints are lighting up the likes of the Eagles and the Lions. The Saints feature a passing offense that is clicking on every cylinder they have and possibly a few more than they actually have. However, the running backs are banged up with both Mike Bell and Pierre Thomas banged up and surprisingly the only one who is healthy is Reggie freaking BUSH

 This week the birds go to face the New England Patriots and their first regular season road game. The Patriots are 1-1 and have suffered heavy losses on the defensive side of the ball and are coming off of a hard fought loss to the NY Jets. Of course the Patriots are the darlings of the NFL and they still have Tom Brady, Wes Welker and Randy Moss so they are never out of any games.

 I think the things that I notice most right now from watching the Patriots first two games is that I just don’t see the movement from Tom Brady that he once had, and of course that isn’t surprising since his 2008 season ending knee surgery. It just feels like he isn’t quite comfortable quite yet and yet he still led his team to victory in a hell of a match-up with the Buffalo Bills in week one. I for one will not count any team that has Tom Brady out of any game but I have to say that I feel the Falcons are playing these guys at the right time and a 3-0 start of the season sure would be nice. 

 The Falcons are nursing injuries as well and the biggest of course is the loss of Peria Jerry for the season to a knee injury. Jerry you will recall is the Falcons first round draft choice this year and so far he had played very very well in such a demanding position as the starting nosetackle.  Here is to you Peria, get better and we will see you in ’10.

 Jerious Norwood also hurt himself last Sunday against the Panthers in the opening quarter, he suffered a head injury and so far is having trouble as I write this on Thursday night. Jason Snelling came in to replace Norwood and did a great job in getting a receiving TD and making some good solid plays. If this keeps up you just might have a trio in the Falcons backfield like the Dallas Cowboys and their impressive trio of young backs.