Falcons at Jets preview


The Atlanta Falcons (6-7) return to the Meadowlands of New Jersey this weekend to face the New York Jets (7-6).

Atlanta needs a win so badly to attempt to make any sort of positive statement for the ’09 campaign and to give us any outside chance for a potential playoff run. If the Falcons can win the last 3 games of the season we will finish 9-7 and if the Cowboys continue their almost annual December swoon then the Falcons could just find themselves in the Arizona desert this January.

 The New York Jets are an interesting group. They could be the first ever playoff team with two 3 game losing streaks. Mark Sanchez is a good rookie QB but has had bouts of rookie-itis but has a pretty stout defense and a solid running game to protect him. Rex Ryan is a hell of a coach and I am happy to see a guy who I always liked having success… however that ends this Sunday when the Birds fly north and attempt to take the Jets by storm.

  What to look for:Look for the incomparable Michael Turner to get back to the field this weekend, possibly on a limited basis at first but knowing the guy as well as any Falcons fans know is that you can’t keep this down for long. Matt Ryan is listed as questionable with turf toe but I have a feeling he will be out there when he faces the No. Pass defense of the Jets.