This Sunday the New York Jets will host the final regular season game and quite p..."/> This Sunday the New York Jets will host the final regular season game and quite p..."/>

The great New York booze ban, is it fair?


This Sunday the New York Jets will host the final regular season game and quite possibly the final football game ever at the Meadow lands in East Rutherford New Jersey. And because of this fact the Jets organization has decided to ban the sale of alcohol.

I want to pose a question to all readers of this post and give my thoughts and to get yours on this issue that I can see being either a benign made up issue to most and a heated topic for those who see getting loaded a part of the NFL experience.

Now first off let me tell you about me. I am not a drinker, never have been in fact. I am Irish and grew up with an alcoholic father who always struggled with his sobriety in it’s various forms and I tok that to heart from a very young age. I didn’t get drunk until I was almost 22 years old, and I threw up at the table with my friends and co-workers I was with at the bar (nice impression huh).

I do enjoy a good cocktail from time to time but alcohol just isn’t that important to me. Now, I do know a lot of people in my age range (I am 31 in 10 days) who go out every weekend and drink and have a ball and I am here to say that I do not have a problem with it one bit…. except.

You see I don’t respect drunk drivers, I guess no one really does. So for the Jets to do what they are doing makes sense but I think it is a bit short in it’s responsibility. After all the other 7 Jets home games had alcohol served and everyone knows the dangers and the risks so I ask this, why now?

I ask you this, should alcohol be banned? if so then why? and if not, why?

 Alcohol is dangerous and quite literally poison but does that mean people don’t drink? After all look at the beer ads on TV and at the stadiums. For some tailgating without beer and spirits is like eating soy cheese garden burgers. So if alcohol is so entrenched in sports why are we fighting it? We know that people act like fools all around the league from New York to Oakland and Green Bay to Tampa Bay.

Beer sales are stopped after the 3rd quarter right? and the stands don’t sell more than they are allowed to right? so it isn’t like people are just hooked up to alcohol IVs and people aren’t doing keg stands at halftime… right?

I won’t be a voice of condemnation and I won’t suggest prohibition. I think that responsible people can and should be able to enjoy a beer or a margarita at a game, a few football fans shouldn’t ruin it for the rest of us. It is those people who can’t control themselves at the games that are the problem and the reason why people get in fights or auto accidents. So what is the verdict?

You tell me