With the 19th Pick the Atlanta Falcons Select


Having back to back winning seasons is great, but Falcons fans and players want more. With that being the mindset in the offseason, the Falcons will again look to draft defense. It’s no secret that the Falcons can score. With Matt Ryan entering his third year in the NFL, he only looks to get better. With that said, who will the Falcons draft?

With their first pick most experts have the Falcons drafting Brandon Graham or Sean Weatherspoon. Today we will look at the pros of drafting Weatherspoon, who is a fierce linebacker out of Missouri. Drafting a linebacker appears to be the logical choice because Mike Peterson, as great as he is, he is not getting any younger and frankly the Falcons need another stud linebacker to anchor the defense.

Weatherspoon is a fierce defender and is about as reliable as it gets at the linebacker position. He rarely misses a tackle and with the lackluster defense Falcons fans saw last year, a sure tackler would be a welcomed addition to the team. The Falcons were ranked 26th in sacks last year, and if you’re not putting pressure on QB in this league then you might as well leave your jock-strap at home. This is what the Falcons should find so appealing about the versatile Weatherspoon. Not only can the young buck play linebacker, but he can get down and dirty from the defensive end position. It will be players like Weatherspoon who will help the Falcons take it to the next level.

Am I saying if the Falcons draft Weatherspoon they are heading to the playoffs in 2010? Not necessarily. The Falcons were hit hard by the injury bug in 2009, and still have gaping holes at the corner and safety positions. Overall, however, the Falcons are looking pretty damn strong in 2010. Drafting Weatherspoon would add another weapon to an already fierce front seven. If the Falcons can stay healthy, address their weaknesses in the secondary through the draft and free agency, and have veterans like Gonzalez and Abraham remain productive, look for the dirty birds to be contenders in 2010.

So do you agree, is Weatherspoon the answer?