Blogging Dirty Gets Offensive While Selecting the Falcons All-Time Team

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Welcome back. We’ve covered the skill positions and now it’s on to the straws that stir the drink. The men of men. The slobberknockers in the trenches. I think we’ve covered all the cliches.

"Tackles: Mike Kenn and Bob Whitfield When you put in 17 years for a team, it’s likely you are an above average player. When those 17 years include five Pro Bowl appearances and 2-time All Pro selections; it’s likely you are great. That describes Mike Kenn. I covered Whitfield here, but let us marvel at his team photo. I think he confused the defense with his crazy eyes. Honorable Mention: George Kunz, Chris Hinton"

"Guards: Bill Fralic and R.C. Thielemann From 1977 to 1992, the Falcons had a stud guard in the lineup. It’s a shame Fralic and Thielemann never got to play together. Fralic was a 4-time Pro Bowler and a member of three playoff teams. Thielemann made the Pro Bowl three times and was the driving force behind William Andrews’ breakout seasons. Honorable Mention: No one else is even close."

"Center: Jeff Van Note The longest tenured Falcon on this list, Van Note played 18 seasons and earned five Pro Bowl appearances while making the line calls. He played in three different decades and helped the Falcons to the playoffs five different times. Honorable Mention: Todd McClure"

Well there you have it. The greatest offensive players in Atlanta falcons history, according to me. Did I leave anybody out? Did I include someone who shouldn’t have been? Heap your praise in the comments below or prepare your flame-thrower and nuke my choices. The comments section is an equal opportunity employer.

Check back later for the defensive side of the ball. And remember the conversation is always going on in Twitter-land.

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