Best Case Scenario: Falcons’ Safety Shann Schillinger


What can we expect from 6th round draft pick Shann Schillinger during his rookie campaign? It’s a crowded secondary in Atlanta and there’s no guarantee Schillinger will even make the roster, but I wanted to focus on his best case scenario.

Taking a look back at the last 10 years of drafts, I focused on Safety’s drafted in the 6th round to give us an idea of what Schillinger’s best case scenario looks like. What have players, who play his position and were drafted in the same round, done in the last 10 years?

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Top 5 rookie campaigns for 6th round Safety’s since 2000.

(How’s that for a list!)

Chris HarrisBears2005Started 13 games for an 11-5 playoff team. Recorded 3 interceptions, 8 pass defenses, 2 fumble recoveries and 48 tackles.
Antoine BetheaColts2006Started 14 games for a 12-4 Super Bowl Champion. Recorded 1 interception, 5 pass defenses and 66 tackles.
Al AfalavaBears2009Started 13 games for a 7-9 team. Recorded 2 sacks, 7 pass defenses, 1 forced fumble, 1 fumble recovery and 43 tackles.
C.C. BrownTexans2005Started 13 games for a 2-14 team. Recorded 1 interception, 2 pass defenses, 1 forced fumble and 54 tackles.
Marquand ManuelBengals2002Started 8 games for a 2-14 team. Recorded 2 pass defenses, 1 forced fumble and 32 tackles.

Every rookie who joins an NFL team comes into their own unique situation. Some teams have established starters at their position while for others it’s an open competition from day one. Now that we know where the bar is set for Schillinger what are your expectations?

We know he wasn’t drafted to become a starter from day one, but do you expect him to contribute right away? Could he unseat one of the players on the above list? Let me know in the comments or start the conversation on Twitter.