Weatherspoon Signs 5-Year Deal


The Atlanta Falcons are set to have a distraction-free training camp now that they’ve signed their last remaining holdout to a five-year contract worth $17.5 million. D. Orlando Ledbetter of the Atlanta-Journal Constitution tweeted the news Falcons Nation has been waiting to hear since April.

While you revel in the fact that you are a fan of a team that doesn’t mess around when it comes to signing draft picks, hit the jump to check out what CBS Sports thought of Weatherspoon before the draft and read other Spoon-related articles you may have missed.

From CBS Sports:

"Read & React: Good instincts and reaction speed — knows the game and plays very fast. Reads plays quickly. Easily identifies screen and bootleg and takes away the open check-down receiver in the flat. A bit overzealous against the run. Will take false steps, bite on play-action and run past the ball in the backfield.Run defense: Very good chase defender who comes downhill in a hurry, especially if the play goes east-west. Scrapes down the line and finds the opening to attack the running back. Physical but tries to avoid linemen in traffic, picking his way through to the ball. Spies the quarterback to prevent long runs on scrambles, and will beat them to the corner from the middle. Usually takes the right chase angle, but is quick enough to recover if the ballcarrier cuts back. Will take on fullback and lineman blocks inside, but does not have the size or punch needed to regularly disengage. Also has troubles getting off run blocks from larger receivers.Pass defense: Recognizes routes in zone coverage, and is quick enough to lay a lick on receivers coming into his area. Gets deep in his drop and covers a lot of ground. Good enough change-of-direction agility in space to stick with receivers on the edge and run with backs and tight ends over the middle. Runs down the seam with almost any receiver. Natural athlete with very good hand-eye coordination for the interception or pass breakup. Uses quickness and hands to avoid cut blocks by receivers in space. Will face matchup difficulties against taller, faster tight ends at the next level.Tackling: Wraps up elusive ballcarriers in space. Can line them up for the explosive tackle if given the chance. Pounds receivers coming over the middle, using his shoulder to lay them out. Will overpursue plays or hit a hole before the runner has reached it, opening a cutback lane. Relies on hitting with his shoulder, which will be an issue at the next level. Undisciplined breaking down in space, allowing elusive runners to go around him.Pass Rush/Blitz: Effective blitzer who finds a hole and explodes through it. Quick enough to elude fullbacks in the hole to get to the quarterback. Can close quickly on quarterbacks and puts on major hits. Works through blocks from tight ends on the edge and linemen or running backs inside to rush the passer. Times jumps to knock down passes on his way to the quarterback.Intangibles: Upbeat, infectious attitude on the practice field translates as the team’s emotional leader."

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