NFL Teams with the Most Swagger



Merriam-Webster defines it as “an act or instance of swaggering. Arrogant or conceitedly self-assured behavior. Ostentatious display or bravado. A self-confident outlook. Cockiness.”

EA Sports latest version of their Madden NFL videogame includes a new metric which measures the once unmeasurable: Swagger.

Which players have the most swagger? What about a team’s swagger quotient? Or the swagger of each division? Using this new metric we dive into the Madden ratings once again and reveal the theams with most swagger.

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My entire team of number crunchers (read: me) combined every player’s swagger rating to give us an average for each team. The ratings begin now.

The Bengals are Mayors of Swaggerville with a 73.7 average rating. This is the second list they have topped recently and it makes sense they would coincide. Curiously, these rankings were done BEFORE they signed Terrell Owens so I’m sure when the update is released they will comfortably control all the swagger the NFL has to offer.

The Saints, Chargers and Titans conclude the Swagger Mount Rushmore in the NFL. The bottom of the list looks a lot like the bottom of the standings after each season with the Lions, Rams, Bills and Chiefs having almost no swagger. Of course, when you’re not winning, swagger is hard to muster.

The Falcons are in the top 10 and only trail the Saints in the NFC South. They are also fourth in the NFC so if the playoff teams are tied and Roger Goodell has to go to the 27th tiebreaker, swagger will put the Falcons in the playoffs.

Which Division is Full of Swagger?

The AFC North leads the way with the Bengals, Steelers and Ravens all in the top 10. Then it’s the Falcons’ NFC South division that is full of the second-most swagger. It appears the Vikings, Bears, Packers and Lions are the teams you want to play when you want a quiet game without the swagger. The NFC North is the lowest rated division in this category.

Which Players Have No Shortage of Bravado?

The top 10 players in this year’s Madden NFL 11 based on their Swagger ratings are…

Of course there’s a Bengal at #1. Only three of the top 10 are defensive players with two of them being Ravens. The highest Falcon player is Sean Weatherspoon who was an 88.

Your Thoughts?

Are you a fan of a team with swagger? Do championship teams need to have swagger to be great? Let me know your thoughts in the comments or start the conversation on Twitter.