Prisco Shows Falcons Love (& Hate)


Pete Prisco of CBS Sports is one the best NFL writers out there. His columns are a must-read. So you can imagine my excitement when he broke down the Atlanta Falcons with one of his Love/Hate columns.

I highly recommend you check out the full piece but here’s some highlights for you skimmers.

"Entering his third season, Ryan is on the verge of something special. He is cut from that Peyton Manning fiber. He gets it. He works at it too. Ryan looked much more in command at this camp than he has in the past two."

With so many teams having question marks at quarterback this is so good to hear. I could see a Falcons-Packers rivalry developing with Aaron Rodgers and Ryan battling for NFC titles.

"[Mike] Smith is as low-key as there is in the NFL for a head coach, a man who is more Xs and O’s than ego."

Ego is the dirty little word in the NFL. Every coach has it but it’s nice to see Smith doesn’t let it get in the way of his job.

"Turner is in much better shape now. He is down to 245 and said he cut his body fat from 18 percent to nine percent. He looked faster and more decisive in the practices I watched."

This is the first I have heard about specific body fat percentages but if that’s true, how did no one on the team call him out for it? I know he produced when he played but he is a 2,000 yard-caliber back when he’s around 240.

"Too many rollouts called. I hate that play for Ryan. He is a pocket passer. He doesn’t need the field cut in half to succeed. Offensive coordinator Mike Mularkey used that when he had Kordell Stewart in Pittsburgh. Stewart needed it. Ryan does not. Limit those plays, please."


"Harry Douglas, coming off ACL surgery last year, is more of a slot receiver. Veteran Brian Finneran is in the mix. But the player to watch is rookie Kerry Meier. He has really impressed the Atlanta coaches."

I disagree and think Douglas could be the #2.

Head over to CBS Sports to read the full piece and let me know your thoughts in the comments or follow me on Twitter.