NFL Week 16: Sunday’s Guide for Falcons Fans


Grab the remote, get comfortable on your couch, and enjoy today’s NFL action because we all know what is about to go down tomorrow night in the Georgia Dome between the Atlanta Falcons and New Orleans Saints

Take a day off and simply relax and enjoy football. It doesn’t matter if the networks give the Falcons any credit right now, they will go out and prove it tomorrow night. With that being said, grab the clicker and here is what you are watching in regards to how today’s games affect the Falcons.

Only the Bears-Jets, Giants-Packers, Seahawks-Bucanneers, and Vikings-Eagles have any kind of importance to the Falcons. And here is what Falcons fans should want to happen.

New York Jets at Chicago Bears; 1:00

If the Falcons get the number one seed, the Falcons will not play the Chicago Bears until the potential NFC Championship Game. Chicago will either be a two or three seed depending on the outcomes of their final games against the Jets and Packers.

If you are a Falcons fan, you want the Bears to win both of these games. Because if they do they will get the two seed. This means that in the divisional round, they will most likely play the three seed, the Philadelphia Eagles.

I think that the Eagles are the biggest threat to the Falcons in the NFC. If Chicago can knock off the Eagles again, and the Falcons take care of their own business. They will have to beat the Bears in stead of the Eagles to go to Dallas.

Prediction: Bears 20, Jets 17

New York Giants at Green Bay Packers; 4:15

This is basically an elimination game, and this holds special importance for the Packers, because if they lose, they will be mathematically eliminated from the playoffs.

Both of these teams have the ability to play very well, but they also have to struggle at times, which means that I don’t see either of these teams capable of beating the Falcons come playoff time.

The Falcons will most likely not have to play either of these teams, because they will have to go on the road against the Eagles or Bears in the first round. They could win, just like any team, I just think the Bears and Eagles are better.

Prediction: Packers 24, Giants 20

Seattle at Tampa Bay; 4:15

Bottom line, if you want the chance to see Tampa Bay in the playoffs, then root for the Bucs. They need a win. Atlanta has already beaten the Bucs twice, and of all the teams that the Falcons want to play, it is this team.

The Bucs games have been close, but they don’t possess the talent or coaching as the other teams in the NFC Playoff picture.

Even if the Buccaneers win today’s ball game, against the 6-8 Seahawks, they will still need a week 17 win against the Saints to be alive for a playoff berth.

Prediction: Tampa Bay 24, Seattle 14

Minnesota at Philadelphia; 8:20

The Eagles are the second best team in the NFC. Or at least they can play like it. Falcons fans are already anticipating an NFC Championship match-up in the Georgia Dome featuring the Eagles and the Falcons.

If Philadelphia wins the NFC East, and the Falcons handle either the Panthers and Saints, and win the NFC South. These teams would not meet until January 23rd, in the NFC Championship Game.

So the Eagles games, right now, are of little importance, the seeding is all but set in stone. But it would be nice to see the Eagles grab the three seed, for a variety of reasons.

1) It would force Mike Vick to play another week.

2) If they beat either the Saints, Giants, Packers, or Bucs at home in the first round, they will have to beat the Chicago Bears on the road, to be in the NFC Championship Game.

Prediction: Eagles 31, Vikings 13

Sit back and enjoy, grab the blanket, chips, and remote. There is plenty to look forward to tomorrow night.