Atlanta Falcons vs. Carolina Panthers: Is a Breakdown Really Necessary?


No, not at all.

The 12-3 Atlanta Falcons play host to the 2-13 Carolina Panthers in the final game of the season.

The Falcons will only need a win over the Panthers to clinch the NFC South Division and the number one seed in the NFC playoffs.

But is it really worth my time writing and your time reading really breaking this game down.

Absolutly Not.

The Falcons are a 14-point favorite, but they should win by 28 points.

This game just isn’t going to be interesting, well at least it shouldn’t be. The Falcons should win, and they should win convincingly.

But if the Falcons don’t beat the worst team in the NFL then they don’t deserve to be the number one seed. They don’t deserve to be NFC South Champions. They will deserve having to go on the road in the Wild Card round of the Playoffs.

Even if the Falcons lose to the Panthers, they can still clinch the number one seed. They would only need a Buccaneers win over the Saints, and a Packers win over the Bears.

But the Falcons don’t want to rely on this to happen.

John Fox is coaching his final game for the Panthers. They have already shifted their focus to who they will hire as a head coach and who they will pick with the number one pick in the NFL Draft.

This should just be a game the Falcons should dominate from the very beginning.

Matt Ryan should have no problem finding Roddy White and Tony Gonzalez. Michael Turner should get back on track against this Panthers defense.

The Falcons defense showed that it is capable of being a Super Bowl caliber defense in their last game against the Saints. Now it is time for the offense to get back on track and it starts against the Carolina Panthers.

The first game was never really close, and neither should this one.

The Falcons need a four game winning streak to hoist the Lombardi Trophy in Dallas.

After their first loss of the season the Falcons went on a four game winning streak. Following their second loss the Falcons went on to win eight in a row. Now following their third loss the Falcons will need a four game winning streak to win the Super Bowl.

This team has shown that they can do this, and the Carolina Panthers will be the first victim of the Falcons’ Super Bowl run.

Prediction: Falcons 34, Panthers 7