Falcons vs Eagles – Five Players That Need To Step It Up


As i am sick of thinking about last sunday’s game, I am going to take a look at five players that need to step it up this sunday night against Philly.

  • QB Matt Ryan – Matt needs to cut out the turnovers for a start, to win in the NFL as a team you need to win the turnover battle. Ryan must also try to get the ball downfield in key situations like 2nd and long and on third down, he checked the ball down for a 3 or 4 yard gain, far too often in the Bears game.
  • DE Ray Edwards – The big free agent acquisition had a very poor start to the season, he showed no explosiveness off the line and never really pressured the Quarterback. If he can perform like he has done in past seasons our pass rush can be deadly.
  • CB Dunta Robinson – On numerous occasions this past week, he was slipping over and making errors in coverage. Whether that was down to the bears playing field or not? remains to be seen. All i know is, Dunta is a lot better than he showed last week.
  • LT Sam Baker – It’s a sad fact but Baker just isn’t that good, he will need to be replaced at some point in the future. As we have him for now he needs to play better, to give Matt Ryan at least a few moments to throw the ball. On sunday most of the pressure came from his side of the line.
  • LB Sean Weatherspoon – Aside from the poor tackle on the long Matt Forte TD, he looked very good indeed. If he can cut those youthful mistakes out he can be an outstanding linebacker.

Who do you think needs to step it up this week?