Falcons vs Eagles – Three Key Matchups To Watch


As on every sunday morning during the season I will look a which three areas will ultimately determine the outcome of the game. Here we go:-

  • Falcons RB Michael Turner vs Eagles Front Seven – With the abundant of talent that the Eagles have at Cornerback it will be important not to rely to heavily on the passing game tonight. Establishing the run early will be key if we can get 5+ yards a carry, the Falcons will be able to control the tempo of the game by controlling time of possession and limiting possessions for the Eagles explosive offense. The Eagles front seven has been criticised in the past for their run stopping issues, this is a matchup the Falcons must win!
  • Falcons CB Brent Grimes vs Eagles WR DeSean Jackson – As new Blogging Dirty writer Scott Wilson pointed out in his preview, Brent Grimes could be assigned to follow Jackson around the field. Although Grimes is not as fast as Jackson but he possesses elite positioning ability for a Corner and should be able to stay with him and get himself in the right place to make a play on the ball. I will not be surprised to see Vick go deep to Jackson on the first drive tonight.
  • Eagles QB Michael Vick vs The Georgia Dome – The crowd has a massive part to play tonight. In my view Falcons fans need to boo him from the get go, show him that is not his house anymore. If the crowd supports him throughout, Vick will dominate the game, but if Falcons fans show that they are fully behind their team and against Vick, i can see Vick struggling to perform under these conditions.