Falcons vs Bucs – Five Players To Watch


Heading into this weekend there are a few Falcons players that will need perform well for the Falcons to be victorious. Here are five Falcons that will be crucial in deciding the fate of Falcons – Bucs encounter on Sunday.

  • LT Sam Baker – He has been terrible the first couple of weeks, and to his credit has come out publicly and said that he needs to improve. Although he is not against an elite DE like he has been the first two weeks he needs to play to his absolute best so Matt Ryan has enough time to dissect the Bucs defense.
  • QB Matt Ryan – Matt played well last week but he needs to step it up against the Bucs and cut out the turnovers. He has had trouble against the Bucs’ Tampa 2 in the past, last year’s 2 INT performance at the Bucs last year comes to mind.
  • CB Dunta Robinson – With Grimes playing so well at the moment expect more balls heading Robinson’s way. Dunta has struggled the first couple of weeks in coverage and has had a few missed assignments that the Falcons cannot afford to see repeated.
  • WR Julio Jones – Julio has made some nice catches so far this season, I would like to see him develop into a more consistent passing option. I know its early in his career but he is capable of being a great option for the Falcons this year, expect him to be involved early and often against the Bucs.
  • FS James Sanders/ Thomas Decoud – This competition is intriguing, I am eager to see if Sanders starts again. Do not forget that both players’ contracts are up at the end of the season, could be a straight battle to see who gets resigned for 2012.