Falcons vs Seahwaks – Q&A With 12th Man Rising


Across the fansided network each week during this season, we will be doing a quick Q&A with the Falcons’ opponents for that week. This week I had a chance to talk with Keith Myers from 12th Man Rising about this Sundays match up between the Falcons and Seahawks.

Blogging Dirty – The Seahawks have struggled a bit this season, what are the main causes for this?

12th Man – Mostly it’s been the play of Tarvaris Jackson. There’s been some special teams mistakes, and the problems that happen when the entire offensive line in in their first or 2nd year as starters, but it’s been the lack of a significant contribution from the QB that’s triggered most of the team’s struggles. The O-Line has been better than people think, as most of the sacks have been at least partially the result of Jackson holding onto the ball too long.

BD – Give us a name of a Seahawks player that could be an X-factor in this game.

12th Man – How about 2: Mike William on offense. He’s been barely involved in the offense at all so far, after catching 65 balls last season. I expect him to be a big part of the game plan this week. On defense it’s got to be Chris Clemons. He’s been a beast so far this year, after breaking out with 11 sacks a year ago. With the struggles that Atlanta has had at OT, Clemons could have a bid day.

BD – Complete the sentence. The Seahawks beat the Falcons if?

12th Man – Jackson plays like an NFL QB. This team is better than more talented than people think. The D is good, especially against the run. There’s talent at WR and RB, and the O-line is improving every week. If Jackson can run the offense like it’s supposed to be run, Seattle can win this game.

BD – The other side of the coin now. The Falcons beat the Seahawks if?

12th Man – While it would be easy to say the opposite of #3, that isn’t the only way. If Atlanta can fix it’s O-line problems and protect Ryan and open some running lanes for Turner, This game can get ugly fast. Seattle’s offense simply won’t be able to keep up in a shootout, and trying to do so will lead to major problems.

BD – Predictions for the game? Give us a score please.

12th Man – It’s hurts me a bit, but I have to pick the Falcons in this one in a low scoring game. 17-13 ATL.

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