Falcons vs Packers – Five Players That Need To Perform


Heading into this weekend there are a few Falcons players that will need perform well for the Falcons to be victorious. Here are five Falcons that will be crucial in deciding the fate of the Falcons – Packers encounter on Sunday night.

  • LB Sean Weatherspoon – Spoon needs to be on his game this week. He has shown he is becoming dominant in the run game, as he is in the top 10 in the NFL for tackles. He must continue this impressive form against the run, whilst improving against the pass. This sunday night, Spoon will likely be responsible for covering TE Jermichael Finley in base packages. The Packers will try to look at the middle of the field for passing, it is up to Sean Weatherspoon as well as a few others to cover the middle of the field, and limit Aaron Rodgers’ effectiveness in those areas.
  • WR Harry Douglass – Harry has dropped off the radar a bit in recent weeks. I would like to see the Falcons run more 3 WR sets especially against this Packers secondary, which has struggled so far this season.
  • TE Tony Gonzalez – The Falcons need to get him involved, especially if he is being covered by a linebacker or safety, as that could be a very good matchup for the falcons
  • DE Ray Edwards – Despite being effective against the run, Ray Edwards has failed thus far to live up to expectations in terms of his pass rushing ability, as he has not registered a sack yet this season. He has familiarity with the Packers’ O-Lineman, due to playing in the same division as Green Bay, when he was with the Vikings. The Falcons need him to pressure Rodgers to get him out of his comfort zone.
  • CB Brent Grimes – ‘Grimetime’ will likely be covering Packers WR Greg Jennings for most of the game, if he can limit Jennings production to under 50 yards or so, it will be one less option for Rodgers and this strong offense to turn too.