Falcons vs Packers – Postgame Falcons’ Grades


Each week after every game, win or lose, I will grade the performance of the Falcons’ Offense, Defense, Special Teams and coaches.

  • Offense (B-) – The Offense earns a B- this week. The grade could have been lower, but the first two drives were amazing, exactly the way the falcons want to play. After that though the falcons scored zero points! That is not good enough, I put part of the blame down to the coaching but lack of execution and key penalties also played a role. Matt Ryan, Tony Gonzalez and Roddy looked good. What impressed me was the O-Line looked a lot better in pass protection, with Joe Hawley and Justin Blalock in particular being very impressive. Reynolds has come a long way since week 1 as well, very excited by his development.
  • Defense (B) – Let’s begin by saying it wasn’t the defenses’ fault that the Falcons lost the game. Even with the poor finish to the game, they held the Pack to only 25 points, which is very good considering the talent they have on offense. Ray Edwards finally got his first sack and played well most of the time. The most impressive player for me was LB Sean Weatherspoon, if he doesn’t get consideration for the pro bowl there is something seriously wrong. His celebration after a tackle is awesome as well! Just love the way he plays.
  • Special Teams (A) – Special Teams played very well! Kickoff coverage was excellent the Pack usually had to start inside their own 20. Bosher looked better as well made solid kickoffs and good punts. His punts do not have massive distance but have excellent hangtime, which is allowing the coverage do get to the returner. The hits by Chris Owens and Mike Peterson on punt coverage were huge!
  • Coaching (B-) – DC Brian Van Gorder called a good game, limiting the Packers explosive offense for most of the game.  His scheme may give up a lot of yards but the Falcons do well in red zone defense and also get turnovers. To be honest I couldn’t care less how many yards they give up as long as they don’t allow points! On the other hand I dislike Mike Mularley scheme. We don’t seem to know what type of offense we want to run. When we want to pass we need to get more WR out there, give Matt Ryan more options. Also when the Falcons are planning to run the ball they make it too obvious by using their 3 Tight End sets. We need to mix it up a bit more, get more formations in the playbook and let’s become less predictable on offense.