Thoughts On CFB – Oklahoma State @ Texas


Each week, I will attempt to watch at least two college football games in full and post my thoughts here on Blogging Dirty after the game.

Earlier I reported on MSU’s win against arch rivals Michigan. Now up is the high flying offense of Oklahoma State against the young Texas Longhorns, with Oklahoma State winning 38-26.

The best player on the field today was Oklahoma State WR Justin Blackmon. The highly productive wide out will compete with Alshon Jeffery for the right to be the 1st WR selected in April 2012. Blackmon really does live up to the hype, he has very good quickness, top end speed and is physical enough to play in most NFL schemes. What impresses me the most about Blackmon is his route running, his ability in this area, makes me to compare him to Chad Ochocinco (The pro bowl Chad Johnson years), who was one of the best route runners in the league for quite some time. Blackmon, however is a a lot more physical than Ocho ever was.

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Blackmon’s QB at Oklahoma State is Brandon Weeden, a couple of factors do not play in Weeden’s favour when it comes round to the draft. To begin with his age, he is now 28, which leaves you to question how high is his ceiling. When you hear that he is already older than Aaron Rodgers, Matt Ryan and 13 other starting QBs in the NFL, it does makes you concerned. However even if he was 23, I still would not be that high on him. He doesn’t have a great arm,  makes poor decisions and lacks accuracy on deep throws. As of right now, I expect him to be picked in the 6th or 7th round.

Oklahoma State’s Tackle Levy Adcock looked good today, especially in run blocking I like his physicality. In terms of build he reminds of Falcons T Tyson Clabo. In a way that scares me for Adcock, as he does not have enough quickness at that size to play Left Tackle, his likely home will be on the right side, the same as Clabo. This will hurt his stock and will likely be taken in the 3rd round.

For Texas, it is difficult to find many draft eligible players to talk about as they are such a young team. On the other hand in a few years, Texas will be in the hunt for a national championship because of all the experience, these talented youngsters are getting this season.

One longhorn continues to impress me however that is Senior RB Fozzy Whittaker. I struggle to think of an NFL comparison for him, the best I can come up with is a slower Jamaal Charles. Having said that he is no slouch, I like the way he cuts with quickness and can accelerate through the hole. He can return kicks as well, he had one returned for a touchdown in today’s game. His stock depends largely on his 40 time if he can show he is a 4.3 guy, he could go as high as the 3rd (Same as Jamaal Charles!) if he’s more a 4.4, which I think he is, it will be more like the 4th or 5th.