Falcons vs Lions – Who Earned Their Wings


Each week, after the game, I will name a few Falcons players who deserve recognition for their performance. We call it earning your wings. Here we go:-

  • WR Roddy White – This past Sunday, was the first time Roddy looked close to 100% health, and as a result delivered a very nice game. Recording 5 catches for 52 yards including a fantastic fingertip catch in the endzone. I expect White to be even more dangerous after the bye week.
  • CB Brent Grimes – An amazing defensive performance from Grimes, covering arguably the best receiver in the NFL right now in Calvin Johnson. Aside from the long td play off the slant (which to be honest, any corner could not have done a lot about), he limited Johnson to under 50 yards on 4 catches. He shut him down crucially on third down as well, which prevented the Lions from building up any sort of momentum on offense.

Follow the jump to see who else ‘Earned Their Wings’ during week 7.

  • K Matt Bryant – Can we have two ice cold players called “Matty Ice” on the same team, because Matt Bryant is as cool as you like. With three field goals including one from 47 yards, he now holds the Falcons record for longest streak on consecutive FG’s, and has not missed one yet this season.
  • LB Sean Weatherspoon – Another superb performance by Spoon in run support getting tackles, but also when asked to cover TE Brandon Pettigrew, he shut him down. Pettigrew only recorded 4 catches for 31 yards and had quite a few drops due to pressure from Spoon and some other defenders. It is very close at the moment for Falcons Defensive MVP between Spoon and Grimes.
  • LT Will Svitek – I have to say i didn’t expect Svitek to be making this list, during the build up last week. However, in the absence of Sam Baker, Svitek looked very strong against the run and held his own against a very good DE in Kyle Vanden Bosch. Admittedly he did nearly end our season by stepping on Matt Ryan’s ankle, but I’ll give him a pass on that one, as Ryan is OK.