Falcons vs Titans – A Gameday Q&A With TitanSized


Across the fansided network each week during this season, we will be doing a quick Q&A with the Falcons’ opponents for that week. This week I had a chance to talk with Brandon Clark from TitanSized about this Sundays match up between the Falcons and Titans.

JK – Who are the Tennessee Titans? What are their strengths and weaknesses?

BC – The Titans entered 2011 as a team known for above average defense and a strong run game. After getting going early behind a string passing game and a putrid run game, star WR Kenny Britt suffered an injury and was lost for the year. Now the titans hope something works on offense week to week. The passing game is good but not great but better than with Vince Young. The defense is still above average, though they have below average moments.

JK – With Chris Johnson having a relatively poor season by his high standards. What has been wrong? Is it his play? Other players? scheme?

BC – This being a team sport, it will never be the fault of one player when an entire layer of the offense struggles. Johnson has been hesitant at times but I lay the meat of the blame on the interior lines run blocking. Look for rookie starters next season.

JK –  Give us an under the radar player that could have a big impact on Sunday.

BC – DT Karl klug, a rookie starter weighing under 280 that refuses to understand he is too small for that position. Solid pass rusher.

JK – How do the Falcons beat the Titans?

BC – Stop the run and run away from DT Shaun Smith.

JK – Vice Versa. How do the Titans beat the Falcons?

BC – Use the Bucs formula on offense. They will need to be balanced and have a few plays late that go for more than 15 yards.

JK – Finally, give us your predictions for the game. With a score please.

BC – The Falcons have been hard to figure out but they seem to be righting the ship, however so do the Titans. Titans win 20-17. Johnson rushes for no more than 65.