Falcons vs Giants – Five Players That Need To Step Up


Here we are, in the playoffs again. Let’s take a look at some of the players who need to step up to make 2012 a very special year for the Falcons. Be sure also to check out Greg Huseth’s scouting report on the NY Giants, coming soon on Blogging Dirty.

  • CB Brent Grimes – I realize Grimes has been out, and the reason he needs to step up is not due to his performance. Instead it is due to who is facing in Giants WR Victor Cruz. The 2nd year man is arguably the hottest receiver in the NFL right now and is coming off a season, where he led the league in receiving yards. On paper, Grimes matches up well physically with Cruz and should make a fascinating matchup.
  • LT Will Svitek – Svitek is on this list, for a similar reason as Grimes. He will be lining up against Giants DE Jason Pierre Paul, who has been dominating the competition all season. He had a few sacks against the Cowboys the other night and could become a big issue, if the Falcons are unable to contain him.
  • WR Roddy White – While Roddy has been a consistent target in this offense (catching over 100 balls), the key thing come playoff time is avoiding making mistakes. We cannot afford a key drop from Roddy, which has been his issue thus far this season as he is leading the league in drops. He should see plenty of targets against a less than stellar Giants secondary.
  • DT Johnathon Babineaux – The USS Babineaux has been a disappointment in the pass game this year, after being so effective the past few seasons. It is becoming clearly evident, that the Falcons are unable to sustain an effective pass rush without Abraham on the field and the Falcons desperately need one or more of their D-Line to step up and I have identified as the one to take that step.
  • QB Matt Ryan – We all know that Matty Ice has been a wonder for this franchise, since arriving in 2008. What we need from him now is too show that he belongs as a great playoff quarterback, after two below average performances in his first two playoff appearances. This is his time to shine and i can’t wait for him to silence his critics.