yesterday's part 1 of our look at the Falcons free agents. As with yesterday, i will make an..."/> yesterday's part 1 of our look at the Falcons free agents. As with yesterday, i will make an..."/>

Atlanta Falcons Free Agency – Who Will Stay? Who Will Go? Part 2


Here we continue on from yesterday’s part 1 of our look at the Falcons free agents. As with yesterday, i will make an argument for each player, and give a percentage chance that the chosen player will stay with the Falcons next year, or will seek pastures elsewhere.

Thomas Decoud – The current starting free safety for the Falcons was a member of the successful 2008 draft class that brought in Matt Ryan and Curtis Lofton. In Van Gorder’s scheme he was asked to play the centerfielder role as he let William Moore really attack the line of scrimmage. As a centerfielder, Decoud left a lot to be desired and his playing time was threatened by James Sanders throughout the season. While the Falcons like Decoud, they also like Sanders as well, who is also a free agent can they keep both?

Verdict – 65% chance he will stay

James Sanders – A versatile safety that can play both safety spots, had a nice year coming over from the Patriots late in the 2011 preseason. He saw quite a lot of PT given Moore’s injuries and Decoud’s inconsistency. The Falcons would love to have him back as Smith seems to really rate him highly. It comes down to money as it always does with Sanders. He will likely ask for $3 million a year which is a reasonable rate the Falcons would likely pay. If it gets more than that they will have to decide who they want to keep more out of Sanders and Decoud.

Verdict – 50/50, but would increase to 80% chance he would stay, if Decoud signs elsewhere.

Kelvin Hayden – Hayden is a player I am very high on but he just can’t seem to stay healthy. When he was on the field at nickel back he looked very good indeed. I doubt, because of the injury history he will get a big deal elsewhere but you never know. If the Falcons can get him back on a 1 or 2 year deal for not a lot of money I would be ecstatic.

Verdict – 70% chance he will stay.

Mike Peterson – Mike is at the point in his career now where he won’t get anything more than the vet minimum. He has a very close relationship with Mike Smith and should be back for another year.

Verdict – 90% chance he will stay.

Todd McClure – Exactly the same case as Peterson. McClure has been a Falcon his entire career and I don’t see him going anywhere now.

Verdict – 90% chance he will stay.

Chris Redman – I can’t see Redman being back unless he takes a significant pay cut to around the vet minimum. I think somebody will better that and so I think the Falcons will need to find themselves a new backup QB.

Verdict – 80% chance he leaves.

Jason Snelling – With the carries for Jacquizz set to increase, Snelling has to be questioning where he fits in the new Atlanta offense. He will do a similar journey as he did last year making the rounds, testing the market and ultimately return if there is nothing else out there. This year i can see a team picking him up because of the versatility he gives out of the backfield.

Verdict- 60% chance he leaves.

Eric Weems – Weems isn’t special in any particular area but his versatility gives him value. Falcons could resign him for a cheap price but don’t see them making Weems a priority.

Verdict – 55% chance he leaves.