Message to Falcons Fans: Don’t Panic


The Falcons were expected to be big players in free-agency. They were supposed to be players for Mario Williams, Carl Nicks, somebody. Falcons fans were promised by media all over the nation that Atlanta would be good for that “one big splash in free-agency”. So far, all that hope and speculation, is for naught.

The urgency in the hearts of Falcons fans has reached fever pitch. The stream of ridiculous comments have continued to be made on local radio stations that the Falcons need to go after Mario Williams, that moves need to be made, moves that the Falcons absolutely cannot afford to make given their current salary-cap situation. I must admit that I have begun to get very concerned that not one significant move has been made by the Falcons during this free-agency period. If one were to make the argument that the Falcons as a team have taken a step back as of right now (with losses of John Abraham, Curtis Lofton, and Todd McClure), one would probably have hit the nail on the head.

But now is not the time to panic. We see Tampa making huge moves all over the place, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we need to to anything drastic to change the complexion of the team. Just because the Falcons front office didn’t make a move in the first 24 hours of free-agency doesn’t mean they won’t sign a player who can make a major impact. I would expect this player not to be a skill position player, but a lineman. There are a couple impact left tackles on the market, and there has been little to no reports connecting them with anyone. That gives the Falcons opportunity to jump in there in the next couple days and sign said player at significant discount. Also, don’t be surprised if a defensive end is signed, but it’s not going to be a difference making type of player. I would expect the player to be a solid, but not particularly spectacular, veteran player.

I have no doubt the Falcons have a plan. They would be foolish not to, and they understand the possible repercussions of not having a solid play in place. Thomas Dimitroff is not sitting on his hands. While we haven’t heard anything yet, I am sure he is actively doing something to attract talent to sign with the Falcons. Gaining significant talent through the draft may not work out terribly well, but it is entirely possible that there are starters and future stars could be found in this draft.

The message here is clear: Trust the front office to make good solid decisions to keep the talent level at least as good as it was last year. We aren’t clued in to what the Falcon’s plans are, but we need to keep in mind that they are not intentionally holding the team back. Stay tuned Falcons fans. Things will be looking up soon enough.