Atlanta Falcons Poll: Scariest NFC South Opponent


The Atlanta Falcons are a team who routinely makes the playoffs, but who have struggled to win in the post-season the last few years. They are a team with a lot of very talented players, but seem to play at a level that is less than the sum of their parts. However, we are a team that continues to be on the rise as we seek the Ultimate Goal.

There are also other teams on the rise, as well as other teams at the peak of their power. In the NFC South specifically, there is a backlog of talented teams who are young and on the rise (Carolina and Tampa) as well as one at the peak of their power (New Orleans). In a great piece from, Steve Wyche looks at the biggest divisional threats to the reigning NFC division champions. He lists the Buccaneers as the biggest threat to the Saints.

This got me to thinking. The Falcons didn’t win the division last year, but they are one of the NFC South powers. I got to thinking about who the greatest threat to the Falcons is within the division for the future. The Saints are right now, but within a few years they will probably not be the class of the division. This poll is also not asking who we hate the most; that place has certainly got to belong to the Saints. I simply want to know who will be the greatest threat to the Falcons NFC South championship hopes over the next 8 years. I would also encourage you to comment below as to who you voted for, and why you think they are the greatest threat to the Falcons over the next decade or so.